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Oona Taper

Oona Taper is a Chicago-based artist creating films, installations and animations that are invested in the materiality of moving images to create tactile and embodied experiences for the viewer. Her work responds to current and historical events with whimsy and daydreams to contend with the constant mundane apocalypses of the modern world. Her work looks at people as decentralized parts in larger systems, examining how humans are embedded in complex networks with other animals, competing ideologies, and infrastructure. 


She received a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts while also studying social cultural anthropology at Tufts University, and attended an MFA program at The School of Arts Institute of Chicago. Her short films have been screened at national and international film festivals including Interface Video Festival in Zagreb and Sydney World Film Festival.


Beyond her own practice Taper is an organizer who helps facilitate collaborations, exhibitions and events. While living in Philadelphia she was a core member of the collective The Philadelphia Animation Ensemble, and Krissy Talking Pictures, a video art organization that uplifts the work of queer artists while working to form a community around artistic creation.


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