Oona Taper

Oona Taper is a Chicago-based multimedia artist and experimental animator. Her work embraces physical materials, surface, and repetition to create chaotic and dense meditations on our relationship to the world around us. In all her work, whether moving image or static, she utilizes key principles of animation including repetition and variation, movement and gesture. Her videos highlight the unique properties of the media in order to show the moving image as a distinct medium, and to play with chance, entropy, and decay.


Taper's short films have been screened at national and international film festivals including The IVY Film Festival in Providence RI, OUTsider Fest in Austin, Texas, and Locomoción, an Experimental Animation Festival in Mexico City. Her video installations and works on paper have been showcased in galleries in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Rome. 


Beyond her own practice Taper is an organizer who helps facilitate collaborations, exhibitions and events. She is currently a core member of Krissy Talking Pictures, a video art organization that uplifts the work of queer artists while working to form community around artistic creation.