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The Sound of Sinking Ships

Digital video, 16mm film, and 8mm film, 3 min 56 sec, 2020. 

Clarity and obfuscation, entropy and order- explored through movement, music, video and film. The Sound of Sinking Ships is a dance improvisation documented in film, video, and animation. This video highlights movement itself as the figure flows through mediums, styles and levels of obfuscation and abstraction. including video, degraded 16mm and 8mm film and hand drawn animation.


Film Festivals


Interface Video Festival: Zagreb, Croatia

Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival, Calm and Punk Gallery: Tokyo

GRRL HAUS // Let's have a party!, Brattle Theater, Boston Moscow

IMAJITARI International Dance Film Festival: Jakarta, Indonesia

Streetside Cinema: a/perture cinema, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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