Flight STS-40

Video Installation: projected video and hand dyed chiffon


Three projected videos and three hand dyed panels of chiffon.


The translucent fabric allows the videos to appear on all three panels and faintly on the surrounding walls. The text can simultaneously be read forward and backward, depending on which side of the fabric you look at. As you watch the projected text flips, changing which side appears to be the front. The text reads: "There is no direction in the heavens / orientation requires gravity, weight.   

In 1991 Nassa sent 2,000 infant jellyfish into outer space. the jelly fish spent two weeks orbiting the earth, enough time for them to fully develop. Jellyfish navigate using similar crystals to those we have in our ears. Scientists believed if jellyfish could develop their sense of direction in zero gravity one day infant humans could too. The study determined that Jellyfish cannot grow up in outer space. When they can back to gravity many of them could not swim straight.