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Indirect Sunlight

 2022, Video installation documentation

We've established a false dichotomy between the manmade and the natural, when in reality, we've never encountered a "nature" untouched by human influence.

“Indirect Sunlight" is an installation comprising two projections of representations of nature, plants growing in conservatory, and loosely sketched animations of flowers. As spectators move through the space, their shadows disrupt one video, revealing the other, thereby incorporating their forms and movements into the imagery.


The method used to integrate viewers into the video space is analog and deliberately straightforward. Spectators find themselves captivated by their silhouettes seamlessly embedded in the video space, understanding that the effect arises from their physical presence rather than complex technological intervention.

Screenshot 2023-02-22 20.36.21.png
Screenshot 2023-02-22 20.38.10.png


2022- Unstable Space, NO NATION, Chicago 

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