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Matter Out of Place

Mixed media animation, 2min 29sec, 2017

All houses are haunted houses; this short experimental animation explores the subtle horror of the mundane. Winner of St Francis College Woman's Film Festival's experimental competition and 3rd place in Athens Animfest. 


Out of Place/In Progress

Acrylic paint on digital print, 18" x 26", 2017

This composition was created from original hand-painted frames from the short film Matter Out of Place. The piece reframes themes raised in the film; looking at both a single moment in time, and the repetitive motion spread out like days crossed-off in a calendar. Here, routine feels almost like a trap. 

First Place winner of the juried show Motion Pictured at the East Alcove Gallery, International House- Philadelphia.

Screenings and Awards

1st Place:            Experimental Competition: Saint Frances Women's Film                                            Festival: New York. 

                      Best Animated Film: The Somerville International Film Festival:                                  Boston 

3rd Place:            Experimental Competition: 2019 Athens Animfest: Athens, Greece.

Official Selection:   Sydney World Film Festival: Sydney

                      Kino pleme / Live Soundtrack: Belgrade, Serbia

                      Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival: Hong Kong

                      The Greenhouse Ensemble Film Festival: New York

                      Brussels Independent Film Festival: Brussels

                      The Unforeseen/International Experimental Film Festival:

                            Belgrade, Serbia

                      Medusa Underground Film Festival: Las Vegas

                      Amimation Marathon 2018: Athens, Greece

                      Crema Helada: Tijuana, Baja California

                      Anim!Arte: Brazil

                      IVY Film Festival: Providence

                      First Takes Shorts Series: Philadelphia

                      Popup Anthology: Trenton

                      Women's Film Festival: Philadelphia 

                      Cefalù film festival: Cefalu Italy 

                      GRRL HAUS CINEMA: Boston 

                      Locomocion / Experimental Animation Festival: Mexico City

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