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A Place to Rest, Syncopate

 Ink animation, 3min 10sec, 2019

‘A Place to Rest; Syncopated’ is a visceral abstract portrait, a story of a life told through the eyes of a single room, and a love affair between person and space, image and sound.
Experimental looping animation with an original sound track created while on artist residency at Mise-en_Place Bushwick.
A Place to Rest; Syncopated premiered at the No Flash Video Show-Festival for Experimental and Avant Garde Short Films, at Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University.

Room 34E

Cut paper,  13 works on paper each 10" x 7", 2018


In 2018, I spent 2 weeks in a inpatient medical research study. I treated this time as an artist residency, creating the initial concept that would become my film "A Place to Rest; Syncopated," a piece that takes in a single room and is often constrained by its floor plan. Beyond research for my film, I created these abstractions of the walls of the hospital room I was in. I became intrigued by the ways the shapes of the practical and medical components of the space mimic the modernist art that the institution, like so many others, favored. 

Film Festivals

Official Selection:         Independent Film Festival Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti Michigan

                            Squat Betty Avant Garde Film Night: London

                            Kinolikbez: Saint-Petersburg

                            Rush Process at The Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia

                            NOFLASH Video Show: New Brunswick

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